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General Information about Falcon Juniors


About Falcon Juniors

What ages do you accept?

We take any juniors of secondary school age (11-18). Unfortunately we are unable to accept juniors younger than this.

How do I join you, and how long do I have to decide if rowing is for me?

We currently have a waiting list in operation. Adding your name to this does not commit you to joining or paying anything- it is an expression of interest. When we find a space available in the squad for you, we will contact you to let you know. If you choose to take the place, you have up to three weekend 'taster' sessions, and you are welcome to attend the club fitness sessions as well. If you decide you wish to continue after your three taster sessions, you will need to become a club member and also pay the termly fees (a reduced amount will apply based on the stage in the term you join).

When and how often do you train?

Each junior has a 2 hour session each weekend (10, 12 or 2pm Saturday or Sunday). This session is based on an approximate ratio of six juniors per coach.

The session time is the same each week (you have a set session time), but from time to time we may feel it appropriate to move youngsters into different time slots, and we will discuss this with you. From September 2017, the following will apply: 

Saturday 12-2: J13 to J18 boys

Sunday 8-10:  J14 to 18 boys and girls (High Performance)

Sunday 10-12: J13 to J18 girls 

Sunday 12-2: J12 to J17 boys

Sunday 2-4: J14 to J18 boys and girls (Adaptive)

The High Performance (HP) squad do additional Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 

How much does it cost?

Each term costs £100, which covers all the coaching costs and other minor expenses (t-shirts, rigger jiggers etc). Race fees and one off expenses (such as the Presentation Evening) are not included, but you will be advised separately when these are owed. This is payable to the junior squad account, which you will be advised of via email. Payments are due usually in September, January and April.

Each sculler should also be a member of the club, and membership runs for 12 months from your date of joining. Junior membership costs £125 per annum. This is separate to the junior fees, and should be paid after your three trial sessions. This covers insurance, boathouse rent and rates, boat purchases etc. Any questions about club membership should be directed to the membership secretary, frcc.membership@gmail.com.

Membership and Junior Consent forms can be downloaded from the website. 

What should I wear?

Normal sports clothing is fine- t-shirt, leggings and trainers. You should have plenty of layers with you, like a long sleeved top, fleece and tracksuit bottoms. Try to avoid loose clothing- lycra is the best. Please avoid hoodies with pockets on the front, loose fitting, expensive or designer clothing and items such as denim or corduroy. As you get more experienced, you will need to purchase rowing specific items, like an all in one.

What do I need to bring to each session, and when do I need to arrive?

Each session will start on the hour- please make sure you arrive promptly, so that you are ready to start on time. Please inform your coach if you anticipate being late.

Please make sure you have the following every session: a full change of clothes (including underwear, socks, shoes and a towel), a water bottle, and adequate clothing for the conditions. If you fail to bring all of these, there is a chance we may not let you out on the water.  

What happens if Falcon need to cancel a session? 

We will email you as soon as we possibly can, and also make sure it is circulated on the facebook page.

When do you break for holidays?

We continue to run the weekend sessions over the half-terms (the Thursday sessions may not run). We break for Christmas, Easter, and the summer holidays. We endeavour to run training days over the Christmas and Easter breaks, and we run summer courses in the holidays, as well as ad hoc sessions for those that want them. 

What do I do if I am unable to attend my weekend session? 

That's fine, we recognise that sometimes it isn't possible to attend a session. However, we would expect you to let us know if you are going to miss three sessions in a row, so that we know you haven't left!

What are your attendance requirements?

We expect juniors to commit to the sport. Due to the intricacies of crew rowing, this is not like football or rugby and missing a session can really let your crew down. We are looking for a junior to really be attending 70% of the weekend sessions over a term. Juniors will not be selected to race if they regularly miss sessions or have a low attendance record.

What parental involvement is expected?

We encourage juniors to be independent and able to take responsibility for themselves. Parents are very welcome to come and watch sessions, and they are absolutely encouraged to attend races to support. However, parents are NOT permitted to get involved with any club sessions and are expected to stay off the landing stages at both sessions and races, unless specifically asked by the coaches. Juniors are expected to rig and prepare their own boats, with the coaches' support. We do however strongly encourage parents to attend races and social events.

What kit am I expected to have? 

We expect those racing seriously (i.e. those who will compete in races other than those run on the Isis by OURCs) to race in club kit. The minimum requirement will be a Falcon RCC all-in-one. A kit order will be organised regularly throughout the season, which will result in bulk order discounts, so please do not order customised items before it has been advertised.  

What happens if I want to start racing?

If you visit the racing page, you will find everything you will need to know about racing for Falcon.