Rowing club sessions


Falcon provides regular coaching for our seniors. One of the perks of membership is having access to the boats and facilties at any time. Adults are encouraged to form their own crews and, once competent, they are able to train entirely at their own discretion. It is hoped that seniors will still attend the coached weekend sessions to help bring through newer members- we are always in need of more coaches, coxes and bowsteers! If you want to attend any of the coached sessions, please make sure you indicate your availability in advance, to assist our volunteer coaches with crews.

Tuesday* 6.15pm Whole club session with coaching. Open to all adults with basic ability (ie completion of a beginner course). Sign up here
Thursday* 6.15pm Whole club sculling session, uncoached. Open to all adults with good sculling skills.ability. Sign up here
Saturday 8-10am Racers- for those practising for upcoming races
Saturday 10am Touring outing. Please contact for details
Saturday 10-12pm Whole club session with coaching. Sign up here
Sunday 8-10am Sunday Morning Heads. Competent rowers only. If unsure, confirm with Captain or coach.
Sunday 9.45-12pm Whole club session with coaching. Sign up here
* April- October only  


For more details, contact

Wednesday 4.30-7.30pm High Performance training, Falcon
Thursday 6-8pm Whole squad land session


High Performance training, Falcon
Saturday 12-2pm Water session, J12/13 boys' squad
Saturday 2-4pm Water session, J16 boys' squad
Saturday 8-12pm High Performance training- Sunday Morning Heads followed by a water session
Sunday 10-12pm Water session, J16 girls' squad and J18 boys' and girls' squads
Sunday 12-2pm Water session, J13/J14/J15 girls' squad
Sunday 2-4pm Water session, J14/J15 boys' squad