Falcon Juniors Presentation Evening

On Friday 7th October, over 80 juniors and parents packed into the Sea Scouts Hall to celebrate Falcon Juniors' 2015-16 season. 

The evening started with prosecco and food, and with a quiz run by Matt and Aengus, following on from their successful run as quizmasters at the National Championships this year.

The season was then reviewed, covering all 30 race wins, with all race winners invited to stand up for applause. The pennants for the 5 successful crews at Isis Sculls were also awarded, and the new Junior Captain and Captain of Coxes were introduced.

There were a number of prizes awarded, with the Junior of the Year award going to Martin Benfeghoul for his 11 race wins, two 'doubles' (single, double and quad wins at both Isis Sculls and Northampton Head), and other exceptional performances at Egham and Bedford.

The evening closed with a speech by two former juniors, Matt Timms and Aengus Allen, who looked back on their four years as juniors at Falcon.

There was also a special announcement- the Junior squad has received funding for a brand new, international Wintech double, which will be delivered soon. The boat will be named 'Matt and Aengus'. 

Junior of the Year

Winner- Martin Benfeghoul

Crew of the Year

Winner- WJ15 quad

Performance of the Year

Winner- Ed Sharp J14 single at JIRR

Overall contribution to the Junior Squad

Winner- Josh Simmons

Most promising newcomer

Winner- Becky Hore

Most improved

Winner- Jiao Forman

Performance of the Year

Winner- Ed Sharp J14 single at JIRR

Juniors’ Junior

Winner- Molly Chambers

Captain of Juniors

Appointment- Gabe Smith

Captain of Coxes

Appointment- Joe Mullett

Capsize of the Year

Winner- Molly Chambers

Outfit of the Year

Winner- Joe Mullett

Quote of the Year

Winner- May Carter

Beard of the Year

Winner- Josh Simmons

Race Face of the Year

Winner- Lorcan Nee

Present of the Year

Winner- Molly Chambers

Beef of the Year

Winner- Gabe v Joe M at Nat Champs