Clubhouse funding pledge

We have now received planning permission for the new clubhouse and are very hopeful of being able to commence the build in 2020. However, we still have a lot of money to raise before we can proceed.  The club is applying for funds from various grant awarding bodies, charities and trusts, but we are also requesting donations from club members, families and friends.

We are in the very fortunate position of being offered matched funding for donations received between now and the end of April 2020. So we are calling in the pledges that were previously offered and also asking for new donations. 

Even if you have already made a pledge towards the clubhouse, please use this form to replace it and to let us know when you will be able to make your donation. Matched funding means that we can more than double your donation when Gift Aid is taken into account. have lost their sponsorship and have had to shut down. We are seeking a new means of making online donations, but if you wish to give in the meantime please use the form below.

100% of your donation — however it is made — will be received by the club, plus any Gift Aid that may apply.

*indicates that a field must be filled in.

Please enter the sum you would like to donate. This will then be matched by a donation from our match-funder. This means that a donation of £100 with Gift Aid applied will become £250. Match funding is only available for donations made before the end of April 2020.
We will contact you with details of how to make your donation and your unique donation reference number at the beginning of the month that you have chosen. Match funding is only available for donations made before the end of April 2020.



The contact details you have given on this form will only be used to contact you about your pledge, unless you have already supplied these to the club for other purposes.